March 15, 2018

2018 San Diego

San Diego, CA

March 2018

Day 0

John and Leo came in a day early and visited Cabrillo National Monument at Point Loma and we then went to Mission San Diego de Alcalá.  Finally, a dinner with some good friends from Leo’s neighborhood.

Day 1

Mount Soladad, Petco Park, SDSU and Mission Beach.

Memorable Event: The highlight of the night was the navigational skills that the group brought to their walk to dinner.  Dave was sure that the #3 Mexican restaurant was only a short walk from the house.  However instead of taking a right at the end of our street (1/2 mile from the restaurant) we took a left. After 10 minutes we were wondering how we were 1.2 miles away from the restaurant.  So instead of turning around we kept going.  We ended up over a mile away from the house at a completely different restaurant.


Day 2

The Games at the Viejas arena on the San Diego State University Campus.

Memorable Event: The biggest upset in NCAA history (UMBC beat the top #1 seed Virginia) was happening while we were at our games and they kept switching the screens to the game during half time.  The crowd was more interested in the UMBC  game than the real game going on.

Interesting Fact: The Viejas arena was built on top of the old Aztec Bowl and they left most of the concrete steps intact which you can see from parts of the outer concourse of the arena.   The arena also does not much for an indoor concourse, the concourse is outside the stadium and is outdoors.


Day 3

Visited the Midway and had a drink at the outdoor bar at the Hotel Del Coronado.  We then had a quick dinner at liberty Station followed by a San Diego Gulls hockey game at the Sports Arena.

Day 4

Other Memorable Moments: This was Dave Coleman’s firt time at being the driver for the trip.  Somehow he ended up getting stuck at several light rail train crossings with the gates down.  So, we now dedicate this as the official trip sound.



The Games


4 Wichita State               
  | *Marshall 81-75    
13 Marshal  |   |              
      | West Virginia 94-71
5 West Virginia    |  
  West Virginia 85-68  
12 Murray State       
4 Auburn        
   Auburn 62-58    
13 Charleston   |    
        Clemson 84-53
5 Clemson   |    
  Clemson 79-68    
12 New Mexico State   |      
        * upsets

  * upsets Highest Final Seat:–