March 8, 2016

2016 Brooklyn

Brooklyn, NY

March 2016


Day 1

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St Patrick’s Day Parade on 5th Ave

25843818686_87b63784f0_zOne flag for every missing firefighter on 9/11

25777003551_e6f64ccd78_zDinner at Rocco’s Tacos

Day 2



25269825963_f302132a6d_z Italian Dinner at Caffe e Vino



Day 3

25922159445_32143aa138_z - CopyMorning walk on the Brooklyn Bridge

25827244461_8df09b771f_zOldest Bar in NYC

25922335515_e491aa8e94_z - CopyFederal Hall, where George Washingtonn was inaugurated



Day 4

25330346363_104e49039e_zGallagers Steakhouse

25838260562_53120473a6_zTimes Square


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Day 5

25975729945_52b26998bf_zPrivate tour of Citi Field



Memorable Moments



The special edition of Gentleman Jack engraved with our cause.

The private tour of Citi Field where we got ot see just about everything including David Wright’s locker.

John having a bad fifth day.  He woke up with a stomach virus or food poisoning.  The garage could not start his car. He found a way to step in dog poop inside of  Citi Field.

The closed subway line that made getting back to Brooklyn very challenging one night.

The hotel refusing entry to Dave and Leo at 11PM one night, we still think it had something to do with our age :)

The crazy elevator at our hotel with blue light, hip music and a blue gel floor.


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The Games


2 Villanova               
  | 2 Vilanova (86-56)    
15 UNC Ashville |                
       2 Vilanova (87-68)
7 Iowa     |  
   7 Iowa (72-70)    
10 Temple       
3 West Virgina       
   14 Stephen F Austin* (70-56)    
14 Stephen F Austin  |    
        6 Notre Dame (76-75)
6 Notre Dame  |    
   6 Notre Dame (70-63)    
11 Michigan  |      
        * upsets

  * upsets Highest Final Seat:–