February 7, 2014

2014 Raleigh

Raleigh, NC

March 2014



Day 1

DSCN5189Giant Acorn in Moore Park

DSCN5194Cigarettes and more, Confederates only style

DSCN5206Old Senate Chamber

DSCN5215On our way into the Legislative Building

DSCN5224Furniture from Dick Van Dyke

DSCN5227The current House chamber, Definately built in the 60s

DSCN5243Dinner at the Angus Barn

Day 2

DSCN5250PNC Arena – Southern Home of the Whalers


DSCN5275UMass Minuteman

DSCN5294Dinner from the food trucks

DSCN5314Chauncey, the Coastal Carolina Chanticleer

Day 3

DSCN5321Allen and Sons BBQ

DSCN5322UNC Visitors Center

DSCN5339Lacrosse Game UNC vs #1 Maryland


DSCN5359Civilized Transportation

DSCN5363Caught a few innings at the UNC vs Georgia Tech Baseball Game

Day 4

 DSCN5379James Joyce Irish Pub in Durham

DSCN5381The Chapel at Duke

DSCN5411Just like this football, most of the air has come out of the Duke Footbal program.


DukeTennisDuke vs Virgina at the tennis center

Memorable Moments


Duke goes down in the first round and keeps with the NCAA tradition curse.  We have seen them four times and they have never made it out of the the weekend.

Mr. Toads Wild ride becomes a topic of discusion during Johns expiditious driving.

More College sports than any other trip.  At UNC we attended a lacross game (vs #1 Maryland) and a baseball game (vs Georgia Tech).  Then at Duke we attended a Tennis tournament (vs Virgina).




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The Games


1 Virginia                
  | Virginia 70-59    
16 Coastal Carolina  |                
       Virginia 78-60
8 Memphis     |  
   Memphis 71-66    
9 George Washington       
3 Duke       
   *Mercer 78-71    
14 Mercer  |    
       Tenn 83-63
6 UMass  |    
   *Tennesee 86-67    
11 Iowa/Tenn  |      
        * upsets

  * upsets Highest Final Seat:–