January 12, 2012

2010 San Jose

San Jose, California

March 2010

Day 1

Sam’s Chowder House at Moss Beach

California Coastline

Dave and a Redwood

Santa Cruz Mountains

Day 2 

Yahoo! Across from our hotel , the Avatar.

HP Pavilion

Marquette is Upset!

View from the last row

Day 3

AT&T Park

Welcome to the Rock!


Dave checking in

Lombard St – The crookedest street in America

Day 4

A trip to CA would not be complete without a stop at In-n-Out Burger

Another year of Basketball Done

Kezar Park, formerly Kezar Stadium. The final scene from the original
Dirty Harry was shot here.  The 49’ers and the Raiders both began at the
stadium.  In 1989 the stadium was reduced from 50,000 seats to 10,000.

But most important – Dirty Harry was there.

Other Memorable Moments

Leo doing Karaoke to “Give it Away Now” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Seeing large buildings for Oracle, Mark Logic, Yahoo, Adobe, McAfee, Cisco, Lockheed, Citric, Symantec, AMD, Nvidia, VeriSign, and NASA.

The conflict of doing the “Dirty Harry” tour vs. the “Milk” tour.

The cancellation of our 10AM return flight and reschedule to 6AM.

Great games, four games went down to the last minute and one had a game winning buzzer beater.

Brush with Fame – When coming back from dinner between sessions (day 1) we met Joslyn Tinkle and Lindy La Rocque who play for the Stanford women’s team.  We learned that Joslyn’s father is also the coach of Montana (who was playing that day) and that they both really hate UConn.

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The Games

4) Univ of New Mexico            
 New Mexico 62-57
13) Montana   |              
  Washington* 82-64
6) Marquette |
|  Washington* 80-78
11) Washington  
5) Butler  
|  Butler 77-59
12) UTEP |
  Butler 63-59
4) Vanderbuilt |
 Murray State* 66-65  
13) Murray State |
* upsets

Highest Final Seat: Butler became the Cinderella in the Championship Game!