January 3, 2012

2006 Dallas

Dallas Texas

March 2006

Day 1

Dave in our 32 passenger plane with his private row

Tom and his friend Mo from TRC

Dave getting a little nervous about dinner

Day 2

American Airlines Center

The first year that offered adult beverages at the stadium!

Mexican Dinner at RJs

Texas was here!

Dave, his Brother-in-law and nephew

Day 3

The Texas School Book Depository

Fort Worth

The Stockyards at Ft Worth

The Running of the Bulls

The running to something else for two members of the Tradition

More Great Weather

Guess Who?

Day 4

The rain started early

Only a few dry spots left on the infamous walk to the games
Many of us had to wring out our clothes in the pristine rest rooms.

Other Memorable Moments

When we flew in we could see wild fires all over the place.  When we flew out, we could see flooding all over the place.

Parts of Dallas got 8″ of rainfall in 2 days.  One of our hotel considerations (the Embassy Suites) had an entire parking lot that was under water.

The mistake of not taking the “On the Border” bus to the games on Sunday.  The result was sitting in wet clothes for 5 hours.

The stomach virus that took down two members for several days on the trip.

The Games

1) Memphis   
 16) Oral Roberts  | |
  |  Memphis 72-56
 8) Arkansas  |
 Bucknell 59-55*
7) California   
NC State 58-52*
10) NC State  |
  |  Texas 75-54
2) Texas  | |
15)Penn  |

* upsets

Highest Final Seat: Memphis and Texas made the Elite 8