January 3, 2012

2005 Tucson

Tucson Arizona March 2005

The year we go international

Day 1

University of Arizona Football

Campus Entrance

John and his favorite cactus


Day 2

The welcome wagon in Tombstone AZ

The NCAATradition Gang at Big Nose Kate’s (Doc Holiday’s girl)

One less gang member with one of Wyatt Earp’s descendants?

Fairbank AZ – Ghost town

The View of Nogales Mexico from Nogales AZ

Fine Mexican Fasion!

No shortage of pharmacies in Nogales

Day 3

The court in the Arizona Hall of Champions

Arizona Stadium

Other Memorable Moments

This was our first trip that included an excursion to another country.  We ventured into Nogales Mexico.

All luggage was lost by Delta Airlines and then delivered to the wrong Ramada Limited.  It was 31 hours before we got a hold of our luggage.

Waking up at 4AM on Sunday to catch our 6:30 flight.


The Games

3) Gonzaga    
  Gonzaga 74-64
14) Winthrop   |
     Texas Tech 71-69*
6) Texas Tech  
Texas Tech 78-66
11) UCLA    
3) Oklahoma    
Oklahoma 84-67
14) Niagra  
    Utah 67-58*
6) Utah    |
Utah 60-54   
11) UTEP   |

* upsets

Highest Final Seat: Utah and Texas Tech in the Sweet 16 (Thanks to the new regional seedings)