December 30, 2011

2004 Milwaukee

Milwaukee, Wisconsin March 2004

Year of the “What Time is it?”

Theme song for our trip

Day 1

Our first stop – Miller Park, home of the Milwaukee Brewers

Miller Park on the inside

Bret Wurst Klement’s Racing Suasages

Day 2

Council Chambers Milwaukee City Hall

Downtown Milwaukee Architecture

Milwaukee new Riverfront  and Ken’s old coat


Bradley Center

Just when we thought our seats
could note get any worse, they did.
In the corner, up a harrowing stair
climb, one row from the wall.

We talked to the people behind us who
commented “We just bought these seats
yesterday!”.  Our response….
“We bought these a year ago.”

Once again no respect for those that send
in their money a year in advance or for
the NCAA Tradition.

Naturally, we performed our own
complimentary upgrade which is where
these pictures are from.

Our Assigned Seat View with complimentary Vertigo


 Day 3 – It’s Miller Time

At the end of the day….enjoy an ice cold Miller…

the one beer to have when your having more than one

Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatory, or better known as the “big disappointment”.


On the campaign trail

Day 4

Miss Katie’s Diner for breakfast near Marquette

Milwaukee Art Museum, and Yes the wings move.

Mader’s German Restaurant for Dinner

Exiting the Safe House. Remember to bring a quarter if you go.

Day 5

Dave on a hog at the Harley Factory

Leo on an Buell (American Rice Rocket)

Other Memorable Moments

Year of No Upsets
We witnessed no upsets but 6 very close games that were determined in the final minutes. 

The Games

3) Georgia Tech    
 Georgia Tech 65-60
14) Northern Iowa   |
    Georgia Tech 57-54
6) Boston College  
 Boston College 58-51
11) Utah    
3) Pittsburgh    
 Pittsburgh 53-44
14) Central Florida  
    Pittsburgh 59-55
10) Wisconson   |
 Wisconson 76-64  
11) Richmond   |

no upsets

Highest Final Seat: Georgia Tech final Game (of course, UConn beat them)