December 22, 2011

1996 Providence

Providence RI,
March 1996

Featuring “A Visit with Buddy” 

No trip to Providence would be complete without eating
on Federal Hill. Here we are seen outside a restaurant with the hostess.

The world premiere of the Stanford tree mascot.

Providence really knows how to throw a party as
they opened the streets beer drinking before
the games.

Our Day Off

This is a shot of our visit to Buddy Cianci’s office, the mayor of Providence.
We wanted to meet him personally, but he was out, so his secretary let us
in his office. The picture was also taken by Buddy’s secretary.

Since we slipped past Buddy’s security,
Kenny thought we could get in to see the governor.
No luck, all we got to 
see was the state capitol.

Tennis Hall of FameNewport, RI

Other Memorable Moments
Brush with Fame.  Kenny ate breakfast at the table next to Nolan Richardson.

Brush with Cheerleaders.  We all rode the elevator at the Holiday Inn downtown with the Arkansas cheerleaders.

The Games (East Regional)

1) UMass    
 UMass  92-70    
16) Central Florida   |
   UMass  79-74 
8) Bradley  
 Stanford 66-58*   
9) Stanford    
7) Penn State    
 Arkansas  86-80*    
12) Arkansas  
   Arkansas  65-56*  
4) Marquette  
 Marquette  68-44   
13) Monmouth

Highest Final Seat: Massachusetts made the Final 4.