December 20, 2011

City Ranking

After many years of first-round attendance, we have put together a list of best to worst venues.

The Good Venues

Memphis, TN 1995
Your first is always the best and who could forget the Pinch.

New Orleans, LA 1999
Hard to beat a city that has Bourbon Street.

Brooklyn, NY 2016 
Two buzzer beaters,  a private tour of Citi Field, Wall St, Federal Hall, McSoreley’s, Greenwich Village, St Patrick’s Day parade, Times Square, the Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn restaurants, Juniors Cheesecake and Brooklyn Bagels.

Chicago, Ill 2011
Great city, Wrigley Field, enough said.

Orlando 2017
We rented a house!

Tampa, FL 2003
Great weather, spring training and Ybor City.

Tucson, AZ 2005
Our first trip that involved travel to two countries.

Portland, Oregon 2012
Hood to Coast in a single day, waterfalls, mountains and beach.

San Jose, California 2010
Great times in nearby San Francisco

Miami Florida 2009
Alligators and the Art Deco district made this location a hit.

Austin Texas 2013
Some of the best barbecue on the planet and a side trip to San Antonio

Washington, DC 2008
A great town with great food, just look at those tapas!  No shortage of things to do or see and great public transportation!

Kansas City, KS 2001
What a great job hosting the tournament and St Patty’s day in KC

Albuquerque, NM 2002
The day off trip to Sante Fe made this trip

Buffalo, NY 2007
Great sports town with a bar every two blocks.  Who could forget the buffalo ride?

Nashville, TN 2000
Trip to Mecca (Jack Daniel’s) and Second Ave

Milwaukee, WI  2004
It’s Miller Time

Jacksonville, FL 2015
Cold weather on our day off in St Augustine and not very good dining.

Raleigh, NC  2014
Good trip, but when your day off is a visit to Duke and UNC, it does not make for a top ten experience.

Dallas, TX 2006
Floods and illness, but still a great town

Providence, RI 1996
Buddy’s office and Federal Hill, not too shabby

The Bad

Charlotte, NC 1997
Nothing going in a city that closes at 5 PM. This trip also wins the award for worst meal ever.

Hartford, CT 1998
No one knew the games were in town except for the parking garages, who jacked up parking rates to $30.  This trip was so forgettable that there are only a few pictures.